KENT NIELSEN "Wie aus mir kein Tänzer wurde"

KENT NIELSEN "Wie aus mir kein Tänzer wurde"
Book/Paperbag | EUR 16.-

Approx. 192 pages 
14 x 19,5 cm
Paperback,with numerous photos
ISBN 978-3-95575-103-6
Please note, the book is written in german!

Published by Ventil Publishing House in co-operation with Ox-Fanzine.

"'How I didn't turn out a dancer' is the story of the Danish Punk & Hardcore scene during the years 1978-1988, as seen through the eyes of Kent. A story about almost boundless creativity, rebelling, violence, addiction and growing up the hard way. In 1980 Kent Nielsen, then in high school, was looking for a cure for small town traumas. Seeking refuge in the nearby Danish city of Odense, Kent soon found himself a new home in the growing local punk rock community, singing and performing with various punk and no wave bands. In 1985 he joined the Danish hardcore band L.U.L.L., who released two critically acclaimed albums during the late 80s, which helped define the sound of European Hardcore. Kent experienced 10 years that shaped him forever, the way it shaped all the kids who were part of this Punk and squatters scene. It's amazing how many bands, fanzines, shows and happenings were coming out of this small, and apparently oh so cozy, country.

About the author:
Kent Nielsen is now living in Lübeck (North Germany). He’s got a history as an author, percussionist, shoe shop clerk, murder witness, record label guy, mail order honcho, night porter and ukulele player a. o. Today he spends his time touring through the European club scene with his ukulele as a solo artist.

„In December 1982 a loose alliance of left wing grassroots groups, activists and punks made a first attempt at squatting in Odense. The „Industriepalast“ (Palace of Industry), a beautiful old building in the city center was to be demolished. Our demand was a cultural center for everyone. The whole thing was handled relatively open, meaning that while we were  collecting bricks and stones to defend ourselves in the event of an attack, we didn’t barricade the doors. As a result many normal citizens came by to have a look at things. I remember chatting to an elderly couple, who told me how they used to go dancing at the palace when they were young. Every night we had bands playing, PROPAGANDA amongst others, their vocalist Søren Land shot the mayor of Odense a few days later when he came by to pay a visit – symbolically, of course, with a water pistol”.

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KENT NIELSEN "Wie aus mir kein Tänzer wurde"
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KENT NIELSEN "Shotgun Seat DJ"
VW 130 CD | EUR 13.-

Kent Nielsen is Danish but living in Lübeck (North Germany). He’s got a history as an author, percussionist, shoe shop clerk, record label guy, mail order honcho, night porter and ukulele player a.o. But there’s one thing he’s been doing for ages – and that’s singing.

He just completed an old dream – his first „solo album“. Roughly half of the roots rock colored songs were written together with Stefan Kletetzka (DEEP RIVER), some are brand new while a couple dates back to Kent and Stefan’s time in ONE BAR TOWN. Hence nothing seemed more appropriate than getting their old rhythm section Skinny Kaspereit and Thorsten Luck on board for that part of the recording sessions which took place in Göttingen’s Out-O-Space Studios. Four covers were added, one by GLEN CAMPBELL and another three originally written by EDDIE & THE HOT RODS, JOHN HARTFORD and C.V. JØRGENSEN featuring Kent solo on the ukulele. Three more songs, drenched in Mod and 60s sounds, were written together with Helge Reich (JAM TODAY) and two musicians from his current band RUTSCHBAHN DREI, Jens C. Möller and Dirk Holtkötter. This part of the recordings took place in Hamburg’s Tonhotel Studio. The album also includes guest appearances from George Whitfield (FIDDLEBOX, ex-PRESSGANG) & Martin Wenk (CALEXICO, NADA SURF, JUDITH HOLOFERNES).
The album was successfully financed via a crowdfunding campaign on With the tune ‚Star Wars Diaries‘ being released in advance as a digital single. A great song for toe-tapping, hip-swinging and singing along!

“… an infectious mix of folk, country and rock, with an unmistakable instinct for the right groove flattering your hearing senses. Full of warmth and grace, Kent tells you stories from his life mixed with the odd cover version by John Hartfield and Glen Campbell a. o.” (5 out of 6 points, inMusic # 09-10/2016)

„Recommended listening tips, the snappy single ‘Star Wars Diaries’, the folky ‘Platform No. 3’ and the 60s tinged ‘Suffer In Subtlety’ to name a couple. An elegant and diverse Album which, despite all the variety, comes across with one consistent sound”.
(Manfred Upnmoor / Ultimo)

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